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What makes our courses special is that it includes a wide variety of themes, topics and engaging materials that connect to language and form a good base for the learning.Arabic is an old and beautiful language. And it’s one of the most important languages today. With its unique characteristics, rich history, interesting sound, and current popularity, it’s a language worth learning.

The Arabic Language – Discover the Basics

Arabic is the 6th most spoken language in the world. There are at least 400 million people worldwide who speak Arabic natively.

How Many People Speak the Arabic Language?

How old is Arabic?

Arabic is one of the oldest surviving languages which reached us in its original form. There isn’t a consensus regarding the exact date of the language especially with excavations that dates back to thousands of years ago such as the Glozel discovery in France in 1924. The oldest manuscripts discovered in the Middle East that is closest to today’s form dates back to around 2100 years ago. However, we know for a fact that today’s form dates back to at least 1500 years ago, through the preservation of the most authentic Arabic text: The Quran.

No, Arabic isn’t hard to learn. And Millions of learners choose Arabic as a second language thanks to its widespread use and importance.

Arabic has a different writing system than English as well as a few different sounds than English speakers are used to. But, none of these makes Arabic an impossible language to learn. With enough time, effort, and motivation, you can learn Arabic easily

Is Arabic Difficult to Learn?

Is the Arabic Alphabet Complicated?

The Arabic Alphabet isn’t complicated. It’s a natural way to write the language. But, as a language learner, mastering the Arabic Alphabet is the first step of your journey.

Know Arabic

The basics of Arabic show how beautiful this language is. But, learning it can seem daunting at first, like any language. With Know Arabic, you’ll get to grips with the language in no time – Start speaking useful Arabic from the first lesson, and get comfortable with the language in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere – in person, or online.