Salam – Hello!

I am an experienced and qualified Arabic Teacher in the West Midlands, UK and I am passionate about teaching the Arabic Language, Culture and History. I have 20 years’ experience teaching adults in the UK and the Middle East. My experience has stemmed from an excellent understanding of Arabic culture, having lived in various regions and closely interacted with people from almost all Arab countries.

Throughout my teaching career, I realised that there is a strong need to make a bigger effort to teach Arabic as a second language and share the many great benefits of learning this unique language. I believe that the Arabic language and History has a lot to offer and that through sharing knowledge, communication and understanding, rather than isolation and competition, we all can learn and grow.
I am always excited about creating links between cultures and I try to join these together by introducing the Arabic language and culture to non-Arabic speakers.

My Mission

As a believer of the importance of knowledge, communication and integration, I aim to introduce the beautiful and special Arabic language to more non-Arabic speakers in a manageable, easy and fun way and to share its unique features, history, and cultural aspects.

This is done through a range of newly created books and resources and practical courses offered to learners. I use all kinds of useful and enjoyable resources to help people communicate effectively, and inspire them to dig deeper into the meanings of life with a deeper understanding of words, which is a unique feature that the Arabic language possesses.

My Vision

To see more speakers of the Arabic language from different walks of life and cultures who can enjoy this language and benefit from it, and to have a variety of new, enjoyable and practical resources that serves the desired Aim: Creating better links between communities, and adding value to the field of language learning.