Learn Arabic from Scratch

A step-by-step guide that teaches you Arabic from an absolute Beginner level, up to a conversational Advanced level.

Written through years of experience in teaching Arabic as a foreign language to adults, this is the first fully comprehensive book of its kind, complete with transliteration, exercises, pictures, and games. In addition, it also contains valuable information about the Arabic language history, geography, and language characteristics, to help you get a holistic understanding of the language. It is carefully planned and structured to help you read, write, and speak in sound grammatical rules, either in the Classical or the 3 taught Colloquial forms. All in easy, detailed, and enjoyable steps. Plus, a specially created game that you can play individually or in a group, to help you retain all the knowledge you’ll be learning. 

The book is suitable for Arabic language teachers and first-time learners who want to access and enjoy Arabic textbooks and literature written in Classical form, or for traveling and conversation where Colloquial form is needed. Additionally, it is excellent for students pursuing Arabic language school curriculums and certificates such as GCSEs, and A-levels.