Our school of Dream Interpretation is mainly based on the deep understanding of the Arabic Language and the comprehensive knowledge of authentic textbooks. It is a renowned practice that is around 1500 years old and could be understood in light of the science of Hermeneutics..

This school is rich with wisdom and books written by renowned old Arabic Scholars of Dream Interpretation such as Ibn Sirin, Ibn Shahin, and Annabulsi, along with contemporary Scholars who have updated this field of knowledge, and brought forward to Modern-day Interpretation.

Some important Western Scholars enriched this special field, such as the great Carl Yung and Miller, and their work is also considered within our School of Arabic Dream Interpretation, as the Subconscious and understanding of Psychology is vital in this field.

Dream Interpretation in Arabic Culture is regarded as both a science and a gift, and it relies to some extent on the knowledge, insight and wisdom of the Interpreter. Therefore, it is not a fixed or rigid science. Also, the meaning of symbols can differ from a person to another according to different contexts.

According to this traditional science, some of our dreams stem from daily events stored in our minds. Other from the subconscious accumulation of our thoughts, our troubles and aspirations and also a large proportion is believed to be insights into the future, spiritual messages of guidance, and good tidings or warnings to correct directions.

If you are taking Arabic Tuition through this Website, and have a dream that you feel is important to interpret, you can send it to dream@knowarabic.co.uk