Arabic language character

The Arabic Language has a number of important attributes that makes it special. Words are connected to each other in a family like structure, which has a significant impact on understanding meanings in depth. This depends mainly on understanding the root of a word and the vocabulary stemming from this root. I call this word engineering. Here are some examples:

Root and Branches

Most Arabic words are built on a Root of Three letters. And from this Root stems a Group of words with shared meanings. This is very helpful for a broader and deeper understanding. (Quranic Arabic especially uses this value).


    كَ تَ بَ  TO WRITE
  • كاتب (Writer) –
  • كِتاب (Book) –
  • مَكْتَبَة (Library) –
  • مَكْتَب (Office) 
    طَ يَ رَ TO FLY
  • طائِر (Bird) –
  • مَطار (Airport) –
  • طائٍرَة(Airplane)

 You can see from these examples how words sharing a base meaning are derived from the same linguistic root. This allows for a better understanding and remembering.  This Criteria of how words are built works perfectly for a holistic understanding of Religious Laws linking the physical aspects to psychological and Spiritual concepts.  To give you an example of this, look at the analysis of the popular words Islam and Share’a :

  • From Root سَ لَ مَ
    Words stemming from the root  سَ  لَ  مَ
  • سَلام ( Peace)
  • تَسْليم (Submission)
  • سَليم (Sound/ whole)
  • سَلامَة (Safety)

 Now you can make links between these words and know the holistic meaning of the word Islam. (It is worth mentioning here that according to Muslims the Religion of Islam started by Adam and completed by Prophet Mohammad. Going through 124000 Prophets in between. So it is regarded as one path of Submission and peace ( Islam ) that evolved through thousands of years.)

    Sharee’a ( Religious Law)
  • From Root شَ رَ عَ
    Words stemming from the root شَ رَ عَ
  • شَرْع (Legislation)
  • شارِع(Road)
  • شِراع (Sail)
  • شِرْعَة (Method)
  • مَشْروع (Project)
  • مَشْرَعَة (Place of water)

You can now create a Two-Dimensional picture to understand the meaning of Share3 a: It is a law, method, project that you use as a sale for safety and nourishment (water source). 

Sharing exact same Roots or having letters with common Root but in different order, also works very well when understanding Concepts through Contradictions.

  •  Root عَ ذَ بَ
  • – Words stemming from the root  ع ذ ب
  • عَذاب (Anguish)
  • عُذوبَة (Sweetness – Purity)

 Indicates that trouble also have a purifying effect and is also important to realize the sweet state of ease.

  – Letters م  ح  ن produce the Word  مِحْنَة   which means Distress. Same letters in different order produce the Word مِنْحَة which means Grant.

This indicates that Hard times could be also looked at as a Gift for their possible Positive Effects.

You will also find that many names in the English language stem from a Semitic/Arabic root, and you can get to know more about names meanings through the Arabic language.